Data Security Conference

Location: Notre Dame Law School

Professor Mark McKenna will host a Data Security Conference at Notre Dame Law School on February 24, 2017.   

Modern technology enables the collection and use of many types of data for a wide range of purposes. Many of those uses are enormously beneficial. But the era of big data comes with substantial risks to privacy, particularly as data breaches proliferate. The conference will focus on legal and ethical issues in data security, with a particular focus on institutional design and regulatory strategy.

Participants will include:

Woody Hartzog, Starnes professor of law, Samford Law School

Danielle Citron, Morton & Sophia Macht professor of law, University of Maryland Carey School of Law

David Thaw, assistant professor of law and information sciences, University of Pittsburgh

Andrea Matwyshyn, professor of law, Northeastern Univeristy School of Law

Scott Shackelford, associate professor of business law and ethics, Indiana School of Business

Gus Hurwitz, assistant professor of law, Nebraska College of Law

Peter Swire, Nancy J. and Lawrence P. Huang professor of law and ethics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Annie Anton, professor of interactive computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Walter Sheirer, assistant engineering professor, University of Notre Dame

Julie Brill, partner, Hogan Lovells US LLP

Bill McGeveran, associate professor, University of Minnesota