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FTC Commissioner Speaks to NDLS Students on IP and Antitrust Laws

Maureen Ohlhausen, commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission, recently spoke to Notre Dame Law School students about how the FTC protects consumers and maintains competition through the enforcement of antitrust and patent laws, and how these two legal fields interrelate.

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Featured Research: Gender and Competitive Preferences: The Role of Competition Size

Avishalom Tor, Notre Dame Law School, Law and Market Behavior (LAMB) Program Director

Professor Avishalom Tor, along with Kathrin Hanek and Stephen Garcia, University of Michigan, has published an article, Gender and Competitive Preferences: The Role of Competition Size, in the Journal of Applied Psychology.  In a series of 8 studies, the authors show that women's preference, relative to men, for smaller competition may account for inequality.   


Scope of IP Rights Roundtable

Friday, March 31, 2017


LAMB will co-sponsor a Roundtable discussion on the Scope of IP Rights on March 31.

Participants will include:

Mark Lemley, Stanford Law School  

Chris Buccafusco, Cardoza Law  

Jeanne Fromer, NYU School of Law  

Barton Beebe, NYU School of Law  

Scott Hemphill, NYS School of Law  

Abraham Drassinower, University of Toronto …

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