About the Program



The Research Program on Law and Market Behavior at Notre Dame Law School (ND LAMB) is dedicated to promoting foundational research that seeks to influence the way scholars and policymakers think about a range of timely legal and policy issues at the intersection of law and market behavior. Specifically, ND LAMB explores interdisciplinary research across a number of interrelated legal fields including corporate governance, antitrust, intellectual property, property and contract law, and the legal regulation of individuals and firms in the market more generally.

The Program draws extensively on relevant extra-legal research in empirical disciplines from psychology and economics to business and beyond. ND LAMB focuses on promoting original legal scholarship that emphasizes observational and experimental methods by organizing international conferences, panel discussions, and roundtable workshops; inviting distinguished speakers and visiting researchers; providing targeted research support to LAMB Faculty Fellows; and developing collaborations with relevant programs and institutes worldwide.

Annual Report

Please download a copy of our Report, LAMB--The First Year (6.5MB PDF), which details the first year of the program and how ND LAMB advances interdisciplinary scholarship across a number of interrelated legal fields through international conferences, panel discussions, roundtable workshops, and targeted research.  

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the report please email lamb@nd.edu.     

Notre Dame Program on Law and Market Behavior (LAMB) Annual Report