Taking Stock of Behavioral Law and Economics

(part of a series)

Location: Notre Dame Global Gateway in London

LAMB will host a workshop entitled "Taking Stock of Behavioral Law and Economics" at the Notre Dame Global Gateway in London. The conference will revolve around Eyal Zamir and Doron Teichman's book "Behavioral Law and Economics". The book gives a state-of-the-art overview of the field through a survey of the entire body of psychological research that lies at the basis of behavioral analysis of the law and evaluates their methodology. The book then provides a systematic and critical examination of the contributions of behavioral studies to all major fields of law.


Kenworthey Bilz
Ryan Bubb
Andreas Glockner
Genevieve Helleringer
Russell Korobkin
Florencia Marrota-Wurgler
Klaus Mathis
Avital Mentovich
Alexander Morell
Anne-Lise Sibony
Doron Teichman
Avishalom Tor
Thomas Ulen
Anne Van Aaken
Eyal Zamir