Real Estate and ND: Past, Present, and Future


Location: One Post Office Square, 21st Floor, Boston, MA 02109

Professor Dan Kelly, who serves as faculty director of Notre Dame’s new Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate, will deliver a Hesburgh Lecture titled “Real Estate and ND: Past, Present, and Future” to the Notre Dame Club of Greater Boston.

Historically, almost all wealth was in land. Today, real estate remains an integral part of the global economy, as the financial and mortgage crisis of 2008 demonstrated. But real estate is not just an asset class — how we invest, build, and develop shapes our world for generations. Given the fundamental importance of real estate, the University of Notre Dame recently launched the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate. Professor Kelly’s talk will discuss the importance of real estate, from investment and construction to housing and Church properties, with a focus on Notre Dame’s efforts to build one of the premier programs in the country.

Visit the ND Club of Greater Boston website for more details and to register.

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