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Professor Avishalom Tor presented, The Innocence Effect: A Talk in Law and Psychology, at the Law School at Oxford University

Professor Tor presented, The Innocence Effect:  A Talk in Law and Psychology, to the Oxford University law school's Empirical Legal Studies Discussion Group on October 20.  The discussion group is an interdisciplinary group, broadly focussed on legal questions associated with the use of quantitative and qualitative empirical research techniques, particularly from the fields of economics and psychology.…

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Professor Stephen Yelderman joins LAMB as a new Faculty Fellow

Stephen Yelderman, Notre Dame Law School

The Notre Dame Law School Research Program on Law and Market Behavior announced the addition of Stephen Yelderman, Associate Professor of Law, as one of the Program’s Faculty Fellows. “We are delighted to have Professor Yelderman join the ranks of our Faculty Fellows,” said Professor Avishalom Tor, LAMB’s director. He further noted that “Professor Yelderman’s research, which examines how intellectual property rights protect, impair, and stimulate competition, is an excellent fit for our mission of advancing the study of how legal rules and institutions shape the market behaviors of individuals and firms.”…

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