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FTC Commissioner Speaks to NDLS Students on IP and Antitrust Laws

Maureen Ohlhausen, commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission, recently spoke to Notre Dame Law School students about how the FTC protects consumers and maintains competition through the enforcement of antitrust and patent laws, and how these two legal fields interrelate.

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Mark McKenna Presents at Notre Dame Law Review Symposium

Professor Mark McKenna and Lucas Osborn, associate professor of law, Campbell Law School presented, "Trademarks and Digital Goods," at the 2016 Notre Dame Law Review Symposium, Negotiating IP’s Boundaries in an Evolving World on November 12, 2016.…

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Professor Tor Presented Paper at CELS

Avishalom Tor and Stephen Garcia, University of Michigan, presented their paper, "N-Equality: More People, Less (Concern for) Equality?," on Nov. 18 at the11th Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies (CELS) at Duke Law School.



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