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Mark McKenna Gives IP Talks at Stanford Law School

Mark McKenna recently gave two IP talks at Stanford Law School. He presented, "Claiming Design," with Jeanne Fromer, and "What’s In, and What’s Out: How IP’s Boundary Rules Shape Innovation," with Christopher Jon Sprigman, at Stanford Law School's Sixteenth Annual Intellectual Property Scholars Conference.…

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Antitrust and Boundedly Rational Entrepreneurs - AAI Releases Sixth Paper in Report on Antitrust and Entrepreneurship

As part of its Report on Antitrust and Entrepreneurship, the American Antitrust Institute today released a sixth paper and comment. In "Boundedly Rational Entrepreneurs and Antitrust," Avishalom Tor, Notre Dame Law School, explains that "boundedly rational" entrepreneurs may engage in entrepreneurial activity where rational entrepreneurs would not.

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