NDLS LAMB Program Hosted a Roundtable on the Knockoff Economy

Notre Dame Law School hosted a “Roundtable on the Knockoff Economy” on Friday, January 18, 2013. As part of the Program on Law and Market Behavior, this all day roundtable focused on the notion that imitation does not stifle creativity, but rather inspires innovation. The topic is based on the work of Kal Raustiala and Christopher Sprigman in their book, 

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Professor Tor Publishes New Article The Innocence Effect

Professor Tor has published a new article, The Innocence Effect. This Article provides field and empirical evidence for the hitherto neglected “innocence effect,” revealing that innocents are significantly less likely to accept plea offers that appear attractive to similarly situated guilty defendants. The Article further explores the psychological causes of the innocence effect and examines its implications for plea bargaining policy.

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LAMB Program Hosts Conference on The Role of Intermediaries in Corporate Governance: Empirical Evidence and Policy Challenges

Scholars gather at Notre Dame Law School for a LAMB conference on “The Role of Intermediaries in Corporate Governance: Empirical Evidence and Policy Challenges.”

The first session, chaired by Professor Julian Velasco, included an introduction by Professor Tor and a series of presentations that examined the current empirical evidence in the field. In the second session, the experts engaged in a roundtable discussion of the policy lessons and challenges involved in the corporate governance activities of institutional intermediaries, moderated by Professor Tor.

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