Mark McKenna Gives IP Talks at Stanford Law School

Mark McKenna recently gave two IP talks at Stanford Law School. He presented, "Claiming Design," with Jeanne Fromer, and "What’s In, and What’s Out: How IP’s Boundary Rules Shape Innovation," with Christopher Jon Sprigman, at Stanford Law School's Sixteenth Annual Intellectual Property Scholars Conference.…

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Antitrust and Boundedly Rational Entrepreneurs - AAI Releases Sixth Paper in Report on Antitrust and Entrepreneurship

As part of its Report on Antitrust and Entrepreneurship, the American Antitrust Institute today released a sixth paper and comment. In "Boundedly Rational Entrepreneurs and Antitrust," Avishalom Tor, Notre Dame Law School, explains that "boundedly rational" entrepreneurs may engage in entrepreneurial activity where rational entrepreneurs would not.

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NDLS Hosts Roundtable on Patent Law

NDLS will host a Junior Patent Roundtable on Friday, April 1, with senior scholars discussing with junior scholars several of their research pieces in the field of patent law. The roundtable will include four sessions, each devoted to one research paper with commentary and discussion to follow.

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Professor Mark McKenna Participates in Discussion of Trademark Law at Boston University School of Law

Professor Mark McKenna participated in a Conversation on the Purposes of Trademark Law at Boston University School of Law.

Participants read and discussed historical and policy materials on trademark law's purposes. The discussions were led by Robert Bone, Stacey Dogan, Wendy Gordon, Mark McKenna, and Rebecca Tushnet, each of whose scholarship was among the materials of focus.…

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What’s Wrong with Copying? NDLS LAMB Hosts a Conversation with Abraham Drassinower on Copyright Law

What's Wrong with Copying?

Some of the world’s leading copyright experts will meet on Friday, Oct. 2, 2015 to discuss Abraham Drassinower’s provocative new book, What’s Wrong with Copying? Drassinower is the Legal, Ethical, and Cultural Implications of Technological Innovation Chair at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. The discussion is being hosted by Notre Dame Law School’s Law and Market Behavior research program (LAMB).

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ND LAMB Symposium Highlights New Research on Shareholder Rights

The Notre Dame Research Program on Law and Market Behavior (LAMB): Symposium on Limiting Shareholder Rights:  Entrenching Management or Establishing Commitments

The Notre Dame Research Program on Law and Market Behavior (LAMB) recently hosted a Symposium on Limiting Shareholder Rights:  Entrenching Management or Establishing Commitments at Notre Dame Law School. The symposium brought together a group of legal scholars in corporate law and finance to discuss perspectives in the area of shareholder rights, and to examine the possible implications of new research for corporate law and governance. 

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The Center for Empirical Legal Studies of Decision Making and the Law Joins LAMB Research Network

ND LAMB has announced that The Center for Empirical Legal Studies of Decision Making and the Law has joined the LAMB International Research Network. The Center brings together researchers from different fields from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. The Center is an initiative of the government of Israel to generate innovative empirical legal research, particularly in the field of decision making and the law.

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