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New ND Technology Ethics Center to address ‘big questions’ of emerging technology

Notre Dame Law Professor Mark McKenna, interim director of ND-TEC, said, “We are living in an age of unbridled and increasingly fierce competition to pursue ever-more-capable and human-like technologies. The aim of the new center is to explore the myriad ethical and policy issues associated with these new and emerging technologies to help us keep pace with their human and societal impacts.”

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Featured Research: Claiming Design

Design stands out among intellectual property subject matter in terms of the extent of overlapping protection available. Different forms of intellectual property usually protect different aspects of a product. In the design context, however, precisely the same features are often subject to design patent, trademark, and copyright protection-and parties commonly claim more than one of those forms.

Yet, as Professor Mark McKenna and his co-authors show in, Claiming Design, the claiming regimes of these three forms of design protection differ in significant ways: the timing of claims; claim format (particularly whether the claims are visual or verbal); the multiplicity of claims (whether and how one can make multiple claims to the same design); and the level of abstraction at which parties claim rights. Read more here.  


Real Estate and ND: Past, Present, and Future

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


One Post Office Square, 21st Floor, Boston, MA 02109

Professor Dan Kelly, who serves as faculty director of Notre Dame’s new Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate, will deliver a Hesburgh Lecture titled “Real Estate and ND: Past, Present, and Future” to the Notre Dame Club of Greater Boston.

Historically, almost all wealth was in land. Today, real estate remains an integral part of the global economy, as the financial and mortgage crisis of 2008 demonstrated. But real estate is not just an asset class — how we invest, build, and develop shapes our world for generations. Given the fundamental importance of real estate, the University of Notre Dame recently launched the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate

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