Trademark/Marketing Roundtable

Location: Notre Dame Law School

Professor Mark McKenna hosts a roundtable that will bring leading legal scholars in the trademark and advertising fields together with top marketing researchers to discuss four papers. Two of the papers are written from a legal perspective and two are written from a marketing perspective.

Participants in the roundtable include:

Barton Beebe (NYU School of Law)
Rebecca Tushnet (Georgetown Law)
Bill McGeveran (University of Minnesota Law School)
Eric Goldman (Santa Clara Law)
Deborah Gerhardt (University of North Carolina School of Law)
Laura Heymann (William & Mary Law School)
Jeremy Sheff (St. John’s University School of Law)
Stephen Garcia (University of Michigan Department of Psychology)
Raghunath Singh Rao (McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin)
Irina Manta (Hofstra Law)
Alfred Yen (Boston College Law)
Nicole Montgomery (William & Mary Mason School of Business)
Ann Schlosser (University of Washington Margaret G. Foster School of Business)