University of Chicago Law Review publishes papers from Professor Veronica Root Martinez’s symposium

Author: Amanda Gray


The papers from a symposium hosted by Notre Dame Law Professor Veronica Root Martinez have been published by the University of Chicago Law Review.

The symposium, titled “Investigating Intersections of Corporate Governance & Compliance,” was held in April at Notre Dame’s London Global Gateway. After the conclusion of the event, UCLR Online agreed to publish the collection of six papers, along with an introduction by Martinez.

“The field of compliance is both old and new,” Martinez wrote in the introduction. “Old in that the origins of compliance programs can be traced back to statutory requirements that are several decades old. New in that legal scholars have been treating compliance as its own distinct field for a much shorter amount of time.”

“The essays within this Symposium will allow readers to think through the causes of white collar crime, the appropriate regulatory responses to potential misconduct, the ways in which compliance relates to other disciplines within law, and strategies for improving ethics and compliance programs going forward,” she continued.

The published papers include:


Martinez, who is a Robert & Marion Short Scholar and director of the Notre Dame Law School Program on Ethics, Compliance & Inclusion, writes about and researches issues related to corporate compliance, drawing on scholarship from the areas of professional ethics, corporate governance, workplace law, corporate social responsibility, and organizational behavior.

“I am thrilled that the University of Chicago Law Review found the papers from our conference to be interesting and valuable contributions to the corporate governance and corporate compliance literatures,” she said. “All of the conference participants benefited personally from our conversations, and we hope that others will enjoy reading each of the papers.”

For more information on the Program on Ethics, Compliance & Inclusion, visit the program’s webpage.

Originally published by Amanda Gray at on January 16, 2020.